"Sorn Narai" Woven Sisal hemp (Pan Sorn Narai) bags and hats by Khun Phueng from Phetchaburi, Thailand. Our products are hand-woven every piece by local Thai people. In the part of bags and hats, we made from Sisal hemp (Pan Sorn Narai) plants. We have seen the opportunity to use natural materials to produce goods such as Sisal hemp (Pan Sorn Narai). Then, we design to make beautiful bags and hats that are durable and functional in use.Our handmade process : hand-woven piece by piece with Thai design. Our products are popular among tourists and foreigners. We offer in variety shapes. It's a perfect accessory for any outfit.


Tel: +66(2) - 319 - 5077

E-mail: pro.services@jatujakmall.com

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