(1pc.) Chaonang Baby Clean Clear gel 350ml.


Product details:

- Hygienic hand wash gel without water

- Helps prevent germs and bacteria.

- With up to 70% alcohol, it can help prevent germs from spreading by touching, not perfume, also safe to protect hands and not sticky.

How to use:

- Used to clean hands.

- Mixed aloe Vera extract

- Can be used as often as needed throughout the day.

- To prevent the spread of germs from exposure

Quantity: 1 bottle



- For cleaning hands without water

- Do not place or use near open flames

- Use only externally.

- If used, there is any abnormality. Happen to have to stop using And consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Remark: Safe for kids age 3+

Product Dimensions: 0 (W) X 0 (L) X 0 (H) cm.

Weight: 350 ml

Seller : Chao nang

SKU : 350ACH011

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