PHOYOK HERB was honored to be

• The herb pharmaceutical as it reached GMP Standard 2017

• OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer able to register the certificate to received the approval from FDA

• Drug composition importer from abroad

Our Standard

• Equipment’s, which are used in the lab building, are made from stainless 309 for sterility.

•The building floor was coated with Epoxy and the wall is made from isowall to prevent electrostatic circumstance, pH and confragration.

Our product is a mixture of Hop Headed Barleria, it is a drug that is used in the treatment of rashes, allergic rashes and insect bites. The Hop Headed Barleria cream can also be used as a medicinal herb for acne treatment.

How to observe the counterfeit goods

April 1st 2016, PHOYOK HERB CO., LTD. received good news from FDA that.. " PHOYOK HERBAL BALM was approved to register as “Traditional Medicine Household Remedy, Registration number G227/59 with its trademark “PHOYOK HERBAL BALM Formola 2” Till then, we have developed its appearance to create the outstanding, difference from other products.

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