Handmade Jewelry designed by Thanich


     Established in 2013, Rock Me Jewelry is a unique designed handmade jewelry brand using rough semi-precious stone. 100% hand crafted in Bangkok, Thailand. It has begun when the designer saw the beauty of raw finishes and unique shape of rough stone. We have chosen rough semi-precious stone as the core material of the design, and combining with her inspiration from the beauty of nature such as coral reef and the sea. As a resulted, it becomes the contemporary twist designs with the touch of femininity. Every pieces of Rock Me Jewelry have been individually hand- craved piece by piece. The rough stones’ natural shape and color are preserved without any cutting or coloring. Each piece has been specially made to be one of a kind piece of jewelry.






Tel: +66(2) - 319 - 5077

E-mail: pro.services@jatujakmall.com

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