“The charming of Thai aroma botanical sense”


       "Montra Sense" has been established since 2000 in Jatujak weekend Market by K.Chatchawan. We started from a small shop (5 sqm.) to become a very successful brand expanding to 6 branches in Bangkok.

Our mission are to expand oversea market by creating the new unique fragrances that make not only thais but foreign customers satisfied.

       We are a fragrance oil and diffuser shop located at Jatujak Market, Bangkok. We produce variety of scents from natural Thai botanical flowers for your preferences such as Spring Love, Redcurrant, Orange, Vanilla, Ocean, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Thai Spa, Lemongrass, Autumn, Rose, Lavender, Winter and Orchid.

       Each scent will give a different aroma sense. With a luxurious crystal clear glass bottle and long lasting fragrance of reed will be sure to inspire.


Product usage : This reed diffuser is easy to use with no flames. Just bring the a natural reed dipped into the diffuser bottle. It will absorb itself. After that you will get the fascinating aroma fragrance in your room.


Best all day and night diffuser!



Tel: +66(2) - 319 - 5077

E-mail: pro.services@jatujakmall.com

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