Wooden mobile phone holder set (3 pcs)

$24.15 $34.16

✅This unique mobile phone holder has a great size, it is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Android or other flat objects that need support

✅ The size is reasonable, so it doesn't waste space on a desk

✅ The mobile phone holder is durable Because the base of the bracket is wood and has stripes, it has friction force on the table, which can prevent it from slipping

✅ The mobile phone holder is supported by a very cute animal patterned. The base of the mobile phone holder has 1 grooves, which can support the bottom of the mobile phone

✅The cute animal mobile phone holder as a gift is perfect for your family, friends, children

*Remark :

- Real products may vary slightly since made from natural materials their colour and pattern can vary.

Product Dimensions: 2 (W) X 8.7 (L) X 9 (H) cm.

Weight: 303 g

Seller : Dawood

SKU : 423DW016

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