Mekin is made from 100% Thai natural latex directly from local rubber planters, southern part of Thailand with standards quality controlled and non-synthetic rubber contained. Mekin Latex products is not only inhibit the growth of mold, fungus, and dust mites. But it is also provide more support than normal pillows while still conforming to your unique shape.

Heart Knobby Healthy Latex Pillow specifically designed to support the neck and head with knobby surface for massage. Innovative design cradle your neck’s natural curve. This type help to maintaining the shoulder natural alignment and neck support cradling down pillow. Designed to the neck fall protect.

All premium products are tested and certified by Prince of Songkla University which is the leading famous university in Thailand. Results from FT-IR analysis revealed the percent similarity of FT-IR spectra between Latex Pillow and natural rubber over 90%


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